The singer of “Isn’t Your Mama” Jennifer Lopez has quite recently re-recorded the gigantic home for 12.5 million US dollars, after it was available in the early a half of the year ago for 17 million US dollars.

Back in September, be that as it may, Jalon sliced the cost of the 17,000-square-foot home down to 14.5 million US dollars after it had been there on the market for quite a long time. 

The house is situated in a gated group community only outside of Los Angeles and sits on 3.13 sections of land which highlight a dazzling pool, perspectives of the San Gabriel Mountains and San Fernando Valley, a different visitor home, just to give some examples of its advantageous conveniences.

 The home presents nine rooms and eleven full bathrooms,  (and in addition two half bathrooms, a 20-man home theatre, an individual rec centre,a library, a tremendous wardrobe complete with its own glitz zone for the greater part of your hair and cosmetics needs, eight chimneys, an eight-car garage with huge parking space for any visitors moving into that home, a recording studio and much, a great deal more.

Lopez is said to have acquired the property with her then-spouse Marc Anthony in 2010 for 8.2 million US dollarsBetween the perfect individual touches like the hide tosses and fantastic pianos and the fancy outline highlights ,think oak wood coffered roofs and cove windows ignoring the far-reaching yard, it’s anything but difficult to see why the A-lister called the property her home for a long time

Ashley Tisdale Feels Her Wardrobe Malfunction Is Hilarious

Ashley Tisdale recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the premier of the film Mother’s Day. Even though it turned out to be a really embarrassing incident for Ashley Tisdale, she has taken it very lightly and sees the funny side to it. 

She was advised by her stylists to just keep it as a option and not go with that outfit, as it may pretty much reveal everything. She decided that as it was option, it may work out and that she had to try it out. She had even done her own make up for the event, but the outfit eventually stole the show and the eyes of everyone. 

This hilarious reaction from Ashley Tisdale makes her even more charming and beautiful to her fans and acts as a perfect example of how to react when you suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Have a laugh over it because that’s the only thing you can do.

Katherine Heigls New Found Love

Her heart, undoubtedly, goes out to animals! Katherine Heigl has severally hit the headlines; featured as a relentless and tireless animal advocate.

Her latest mission has been towards rescuing abandoned or neglected small dogs. Just a few days ago she found an adorable little dog dumped by the roadside and decided to take it home. 

Since then, Katherin Heigl has been constantly updating pictures of the cute little animal with eye-catching, loving captions such as my small dog is my everything, I simply love her, she is just ridiculously cute! among others.

Her encounter has also inspired her to encourage more people to go out and rescue such little helpless creatures. Through a twitter handle (#mydogis) her followers are able to freely update: their heroic pics of small dogs they have rescued and share the reason why they find them amazing. Every once in a while, she retweets the most interesting and touching tweets.


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